A Loving Tribute To Team Member’s Mom, An Inspiration for nanoQuill


Today is a celebration of a life that was one of many inspirations to a scientist dedicated to saving lives. My Colleen Coll mom’s love for coloring helped my partner, Michel Nederlof, create nanoQuill: The Coloring Book of Life http://amzn.to/2Ciujuw. It’s a coloring book of cancer images from an electronic microscope ANYONE can color that, with Michel’s software, can help advance cancer research.

Sadly, she lost her battle with cancer in June of 2017 before the book was launched only six months later. We will never forget her excitement she had in the midst of planning a coloring party at her senior center for nanoQuill. But, today, with heartache, pain, and tears of joy, I’d like to celebrate her love for art and color.

Next week we are off to Vancouver, BC to collaborate with lots of media and technological experts to showcase nanoQuill at the SIGGRAPH 2018 conference. We hope to have hundreds of attendees to come to our exhibit booth and color an image on our nanoQuill wall, coloring book and app. Our mission is to find a way to merge computer graphics and programming to accelerate cancer annihilation. In other words, beat the shit out of cancer. (#fuckcancer)

Today, I’d like to invite you to my mother’s birthday coloring party. If you can anytime this week or the month of August, please feel free to:

1- download an image from the nanoQuill website http://bit.ly/2kSMI8O
2-color the image (a little or a lot)
3- take a snapshot, and upload to our gallery http://bit.ly/2ln2ucB.

It’s really that easy. We’re not asking for money. The research works with just your technique and eye for coloring. And, if you are really inspired, post on FB, Instagram or any other social media with hashtags #color4cancer #color4mary #marysteam.

Happy Birthday Mom! I miss you so much.

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