nanoQuill Arms SIGGRAPH 2018 with Colorful Tools To Annihilate Cancer

SIGGRAPHers can UNITE to annihilate cancer! Armed simply with a crayon, colored pencil or stylus, attendees have the chance to accept the mission to literally (and virtually) fight cancer by adding color to their SIGGRAPH 2018 experience in Vancouver, BC, August 12 – 16.

Together with partners KDAB and Qt, Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi) created a nanoQuill wall, coloring book and app with cancer images for attendees to vividly color for cancer research.

“We’re counting on this generation of innovators to use their vision and art to guide new AI algorithms which can be groundbreaking in finding patterns in cancer tumors,” said Michel Nederlof, CTO of Quantitative Imaging Systems (Qi) and author of nanoQuill: The Coloring Book of Life.

Messages Image(1697440146)SIGGRAPHers also have the opportunity to upload and post their artwork for likes (using #color4cancer) AND showcase their nanoQ artistry on the nanoQuill website gallery. The Qi, KDAB and Qt team will be located at booth #1333 in the Exhibition Hall of the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The event showcases the latest in computer graphics and interactive techniques and is set to feature a number of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) titles and products.

Qi launched new nanoQuill concept in December of 2017 with a “Coloring Book of Life”, a crowdsourced coloring book available on Amazon and upcoming mobile app with more dynamic, competitive fun, game play aspects and precision coloring. Both annotate cancer research data and help in the ultimate search for a cure.

The goal of the nanoQuill project is to collect as many colored images within in our gallery as possible and with those, generate research data.


nanoQuill is a collaboration between Qi, a biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing cancer research and treatment, The KDAB Group (KDAB), the leading global software consultancy for Qt, C++ and OpenGL, and The Qt (“cute”) Company, a software company that is the leading independent technology behind millions of devices and applications that provides software development platforms and frameworks to one million developers worldwide.

To address the monumental challenge of curing cancer, Qi and KDAB developed QiTissue imaging software that combines the power of cell-based analytics with machine learning and visualization capabilities. This combination delivers unprecedented insights into spatial concepts such as tumor nests, islands of resistance, interactions with stroma during metastatic progression, and the effect of each type of immune cell.

Qt provides the technology behind the highly intuitive user interface for QiTissue.

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