New nanoQuill App Celebrates #MargoStrong Being Cancer Free


Last year Margo Dominicis was diagnosed with cancer — triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma — two weeks before her 37th birthday.

Last week, after major surgery, her doctor deemed her officially cancer free!46763283_10106325415982603_1891377788976365568_n

“Just got the BEST NEWS EVER!! My breast surgeon called with the final pathology from last week’s surgery and there was no residual cancer found in my lymph nodes or either breast! I am officially cancer free!!!! I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your prayers over the last 7 months. I love you all!!!! Now I just have to rest up and recover from surgery and then finish out my clinical trial treatments!” — posted on #MargoStrong Facebook Group, March 2019

#MargoStrong nanoQuill image #18 colored in pinks, purples, and mauves!

nanoQuill is pleased to share Margo’s fantastic news with our coloring community and, by her request, we colored an image on our nanoQuill App (still in beta testing) in her honor. Margo selected image #18 and asked for pinks, purples, and mauves. She is very excited to be included as one of the first images to be featured on our app coming soon for all to download FOR FREE to #color4cancer and help end the disease.  Check out #MargoStrong’s image on the nanoQuill gallery!

Margo’s mother lost her battle with breast cancer. Margo, along with her sister Alley, husband Bob, baby Luca and friends and family from her Facebook group #MargoStrong has kept her mom’s spirit alive during her own journey to fight. 

“My mom died from breast cancer in 2002, and thanks to others who have participated in clinical trials since then, I had a great treatment outcome. To pay it forward, I enrolled in a clinical trial as part of my chemotherapy treatment in hopes that my participation will help other men and women diagnosed with breast cancer in the future. What is so special about nanoQuill is that ANYONE can contribute to advancements in cancer research, not only those diagnosed with cancer, just by coloring images of cancer cells. Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference!”

“She always kept a positive outlook during her year and a half battle. She kept her head up through two rounds of chemo, radiation, and a mastectomy. She always kept smiling. I draw my strength from her. She taught me how to persevere. She taught me that I can accomplish or overcome anything that life throws at me, and that’s how I keep smiling and keep my head up.”

Little Margo and her mom.

“Cancer is something that nobody likes to talk about, but I’m putting everything out there – the good, the bad, and the ugly – in hopes that others can find strength for their own obstacles in life.” — posted on #MargoStrong Facebook Group, September 2018

The nanoQuill App will feature images generated by an electron microscope and a myriad of colorful palettes to use freehand (no tap and fill), coloring these images and uploading them to the nanoQuill gallery allows us to measure the cell’s detail, render 3D images from all 2D images that you color, and ultimately train new deep learning algorithms — all to benefit and advance the current state of cancer research!  The App will be available to download FOR FREE…COMING SOON!

nanoQuill App shown on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

You can also download an image to color and upload on the gallery OR purchase the nanoQuill: The Coloring Book of Life on Amazon. Proceeds benefit cancer research.